Germicidal Sterilisation

It is now possible to destroy high levels of airborne and surface bio-contaminants by making use of UV germicidal sterilisation units. These units are an ideal tool to reduce amongst others nosocomial infections (Hospital Acquired Infections) and many other respiratory bacteria / viruses as well as air borne infections such as TB, measles etc.


UV Air Sterilisation Units

These units have been manufactured to induce convection in the room allowing maximum air sterilization and taking into account upper room air sterilization. All units are 12V DC electrically powered which eliminates any risk of electrical shocks and can be powered from solar. In addition textiles such as bedding, instruments etc are also sterilised to a degree through this unit.


UV Air Ventilation Ducting Units

These units are designed to cater for the size of the air conditioner. The units are connected in such a way that the air is sterilised at the beginning stages so that sterilised air is expelled through to the entire building / house ducts. If air is re-circulated into the building then the re-circulated air is sterilised again.


Mobile Vehicle Units

Our mobile vehicle units can be fitted into an ambulance ensuring any airborne bio-contaminants are destroyed including any surface bacteria. The unit is installed on the inside roof of the back of the ambulance and is connected to the battery of the vehicle, therefore the unit starts automatically when the vehicle is switched on alternatively it can run off battery.