Welcome to Global Solutions




Global Solutions Trading (Pty) Ltd offers innovative sustainable solutions in the air, water, energy  and agricultural sectors. Our company uses advanced Ultra Violet (UV) and Activated Oxygen Technology combined with considerable expertise, we provide a totally non-chemical treatment that is beneficial to the environment and ecosystem of our world.

 All solutions are self designed and manufactured making all of our products proudly South African.

 The benefits of using UV and Activated Oxygen Technology includes:

  • Destroys high levels of airborne and surface bio-contaminants
  • Eliminates Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s)
  • Removes colour, minerals, acids, organic matter, slime, algae, bad taste and bad odours
  • Activated oxygen is a more powerful oxidant than chlorine
  • No possibilities of overdosing
  • Replaces all chemical usage
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to maintain


The Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps use by Global Solutions are manufactured in Australia. They manufacture a unique patented hand crafted lamp (the only country in the World) which are tested for effectiveness before they are sent to clients, thus ensuring the highest quality and most effective lamps are distributed.