Pump Installation- George Western Cape

We are pumping 100 000L per hour at 16 bar water head for irrigation to the Farmers dam and macadamia trees in Western Cape with the new Pumps and raft installed

Calitzdorp High School - Western Cape

Calitzdorp High School has taken the initiative to use borehole water for various applications at the school. Global Solutions has equipped the borehole with a pump and activated oxygen water system allowing the water to be used for drinking and irrigation purposes. The entire solution is powered by solar. Some of the school children had the opportunity to learn assembly and installation of the equipment.

Baywater Village

Global Solutions was involved in upgrading the Baywater Village Resort waste water treatment facility. The work included tank softening, de-sludging and cleaning. New pump installation, calibration of pump station flows, UV disinfection and an activated oxygen system for water sterilization and softening. On the energy side a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) was connected to the system to create energy savings.


50 000L Unit for a grape farmer in Ladismith

Solar pump driver installed with our solar agricultural enhancement unit. This farmer is totally off the grid and are ensured to have good quality water that oxygenates the soil and cleans his dripper lines.


 330 000L Unit for a grape farmer in Clanwilliam

Another Agricultural enhancement unit successfully installed for a grape farmer in Clanwilliams, Western Cape. This unit has a 4 modules and will handle a volume of 330 000L 


Prince Albert Municipality - Water Storage Facility Upgrade 

Phase 1 of the Prince Albert (Western Cape) water storage facility upgrade has been completed. The work done during this phase included: rehabilitation of the raw water inlet pipe works, level sensors, linear value actuators, pressure filters, automated valves, AFM media, filter heads, replacement of suction line, non-return valves, butterfly vales and reservoir manifolds.   


A-frame hydroponic structure – University of KwaZulu-Natal.

An A-frame hydroponic structure was designed and built for the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Enactus in Westville. The A-frame holds 180 plants and was commissioned on 20th July 2018. The Head of Research and Development decided to plant 90 butter lettuce and 90 spinach seedlings.   


 Iron Removal System

Our pre-treatment iron removal unit ready to be installed at a pharmaceutical company in Cape Town. 385 000L per day.



A commercial odour control unit was built for a resort in Mauritius. This unit will eradicate all foul odours and clean the inflow air ensuring the chimney outflow air complies with environmental consciousness in the country.


Macadamia Nut Farm

Another 100 000L Agri Unit installed at Riversdale in the Western Cape.  This Unit can easily be upgraded to a 400 000L Agri Unit. 


 New Hydroponics System Setup near Camperdown

 An A-Frame System which can hold 450 Plants and a Dutch Bucket System which will hold 80 Plants.


  Domestic Hydroponics



 8th Sustainable Living Expo

Global Solutions exhibited at the 8th Sustainable Living Expo at the Durban Exhibition Centre from the 15th to 17th September 2017. Focusing on semi-commercial to domestic Air, Water, Energy and Agricultural solutions, we showcased a 20L water from air and filtration unit, domestic air sterilization / odour control unit, solar driven water filtration and sterilization unit for surface and borehole water as well as hydroponics. We had an overwhelming response to all our solutions especially the hydroponics. Thank you to the eThekwini Municipality for allowing us to display.



 Agricultural Enhancement Unit

Our 100 000L per hour agricultural enhancement unit was installed at a citrus farm in Kirkwood, Port Elizabeth during the month of September. This unit will treat irrigation lines and enhances the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. The unit can increase foliar chlorophyll production as well as the production of carbohydrates. It ultimately increases the growth rate of plants and helps render fruit and vegetables of higher quality, with strong cell structures, and nutrient density. 

The agriculture enhancement system assists with improving soil structure. The soil becomes more penetrable for plant roots and the roots can spread with less restriction in order to increase its absorption potential. With an improvement of soil structure, soil moisture can be more effectively retained which may lead to reductions in irrigation water usage.


 Rhodes Food Group

Air Sterilization Unit

Another successful installation of our air sterilization unit at the calf-run at Rhodes Food Group in Cape Town. This unit has eliminated the ammonia build-up and associated diseases. It destroys the chemical bonds of all bacteria and unwanted odours providing a clean and healthier environment for the cattle which reduces unnecessary medical costs and mortalities.


 Broiler Poultry Farm – Marsela Trading (Pty) Ltd

Global Solutions completed an installation at the Marsela Trading (Pty) Ltd poultry farm. The installation incorporated air sterilization and water stabilization for the 6 chicken runs, each run is 120m in length and houses 26500 chickens. The solution will eradicate ammonia build-up and any negative factors resulting there from. It will also improve the feed conversion ratio and reduce mortalities.


Hartenbos Strandoord

Global Solutions has completed the ATKV Hartenbos Seafront development in Mossel Bay. Our scope of work involves the sterilisation and water balancing of the 530 000L Water Park pool which includes the new water slides, utilising our OxyAqua units ensuring the pool is chlorine free.

Our scope of work for the indoor heated pools include water sterilisation, filtration, balancing, pumping and heating. The indoor gym pool has a capacity of 110 000L and the indoor general pool has a capacity of 560 000L, these pools will be heated to 28 degrees and 36 degrees Celsius respectively.


Diaz Waterpark

Our multi installation at the new Diaz Waterpark – Mossel Bay phase 1 included; pumping systems, filtration units, air and water sterilisation (chlorine free) for the indoor heated swimming pool.

Phase 2 – still to come - will incorporate water sterilisation of the outdoor pools / slides (500 000L) chlorine free.