Pulse operated pressure pumps

The pumps consist mainly out of borehole pumps and open water pumps (high pressure). The pump can be activated by pulsing it from the supply line or at the module in the water. This has huge benefits in eliminating unnecessary cables and remote starting equipment. The pumps can be activated in a discharged line or separate activation line. The pump is designed to be able to pump a variety of pressures, to accommodate RO Systems, irrigation systems and general water supplying systems.

The pump are designed so that it can use a variety of energy supply:

  • Heat
  • Solar (Thermal or voltaic)
  • Compressed air 
  • Water pressure driven (weight displacement)
  • Fossil fuels

Volume displacement pumps

Volume displacement pumps are normally used where multiple pumps are used in two or more tanks. The pumps then uses the energy from the other pump to displace water in itself. This process eliminates huge energy cost associated with the necessarily installation of multiple pumping systems. Gas is normally used as energy transfer that eliminates wires and individual controls or multiple pumping systems and is also used in agricultural industries for heating and gas transfers.

The pump are designed so that it can be driven from:

  • Heat
  • Solar (thermal or voltaic)
  • Compressed air
  • Water pressure driven (weight displacement)
  • Fossil fuels
  • Gas pressure supplies

Human powered pump systems:

This pump can be installed in rural areas and are:

  • Very quick to install and no special tools or tripods needed
  • Can pump  up to 100 m  underground and 100 m above ground at the same time.
  • High and low pressure with reverse osmosis configuration can pump to remote storage tank. 

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